HubSpot Themes vs Templates – What is the Difference?

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Previously it was possible to download HubSpot template packs from the HubSpot marketplace. These were a collection of landing page, website page, blog, and email templates. The downside of these packs is they did not share any unified settings and they were not very portable between accounts.

Now a group of templates, custom modules, and shared settings can be bundled together into a theme. HubSpot themes do not currently contain email templates but this could come later.

Some of the main features of HubSpot themes

  • More portable between different HubSpot accounts
  • Theme settings allow content creators to customize all of their templates using one central admin panel. All without hiring a developer.
  • Custom modules that belong to a theme are easy to find from the page builder
  • Themes are a lot easier to work with for developers because they can be developed locally using a command line interface as well as a HubSpot CMS Theme boilerplate to help get started.
  • Focuses on coded templates vs the old drag and drop page builder interface (which will probably be removed sometime in the future)


HubSpot themes are a great improvement and will help HubSpot developers and marketers do their job better and more efficiently. Contact me If you are interested in learning more about HubSpot themes or need one for your business.

Written by: Jacob Lett - Jacob is an experienced HubSpot website designer and developer who helps Industrial companies increase revenue by improving their website for awareness, lead generation, and branding.
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