Are you investing in one of your most important company assets?

Or do you know you need to but don’t have the time or resources to do it effectively?

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Now more than ever, a website is so essential for results. It is a public place you can meet with your customers and prospects 24-7. In addition, an optimized website provides an opportunity to learn about your customer’s needs so you can better serve them. You sell with complex lead times and specifications that require an informed buyer.

Savvy buyers are going to search engines searching for information on the problems you solve. If you are not visible in the results, how can you be considered when deciding to buy? Digital marketing is the effort of making your website and the pages on it the best it can be in guiding a searcher to find the benefits and technical information they need to buy.

Your website is a marketing, sales, and customer service tool which requires investment to maximize the ROI.

Below are some strategic ways I could help foster growth

  • Generate new business by increasing the quality or number of traffic you receive. Increase calls and RFQs.
  • Be found on important Google searches. Increase brand awareness to make sure key decision-makers know you exist.
  • Make it easier for people to buy from you.
  • Understand your audience and make sure they are finding the information they need on your website
  • Help your sales team spend less time answering questions that could be answered on your website
  • Make your website easier to use on mobile devices
  • Improve lead generation, form conversions, and sales pipeline
  • Improving results in Google with on-page content development
  • Design and develop pre & post trade show email marketing campaign
  • Help identify target accounts and create collateral to help in selling
  • Get an outside perspective from someone who is “not breathing in the exhaust” of your existing processes.
  • Have a measurable plan you know is being worked on towards new customer acquisition
  • Help implement successful business strategies based on HubSpot best practices by offering guidance on aligning business goals with HubSpot’s methodology. They can assist in developing and executing inbound marketing strategies, implementing lead generation and nurturing campaigns, optimizing sales funnels and conversion rates, and leveraging HubSpot’s analytics and reporting features to measure and refine business strategies.
  • Help optimize processes through solution mastery by leveraging their expertise in using HubSpot’s tools and features. They can provide guidance on leveraging HubSpot’s capabilities to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, improve data management and reporting, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of various marketing, sales, and service processes.
  • Provide guidance on establishing efficient sales processes that help businesses streamline their sales operations. They can offer expertise in identifying and implementing sales automation tools, optimizing lead management and nurturing processes, improving sales collateral and presentations, and aligning sales efforts with marketing initiatives.
  • Provide guidance on planning marketing campaigns, ensuring that businesses have a strategic approach to reach their target audience effectively. They can offer insights on developing campaign objectives, selecting the right marketing channels, crafting compelling messaging, and creating effective content strategies.
  • Get a custom website redesign project plan

How is this done?

Maximizing the return on your marketing investment through continuous improvement

  • Plan: Identify an opportunity and plan for change.
  • Do: Implement the change on a small scale.
  • Check: Use data to analyze the results of the change and determine whether it made a difference.
  • Act: If the change was successful, implement it on a wider scale and continuously assess your results. If the change did not work, begin the cycle again.

In my experience working with marketers or manufacturing owners, the PlanCheck, and Act stages are often ignored or done poorly. Marketing is often overwhelmed by tactics and implementation and unable to reflect on their performance and make adjustments if needed. This analysis and documentation are extremely important in making improvement gains and avoiding repeating the same mistakes.

manufacturing digital marketing consultant

Industry specialization

  • IT Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Material Suppliers
  • Metal Fabricators
  • OEM Suppliers
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Business Services

Digital marketing services

Frequently asked questions

How is working with you different than working with a B2B marketing agency?

There are a lot more layers when working with a large agency and also access to a broad range of skillsets. I recommend a marketing partner if you have a large global footprint and need a large team to implement your internet marketing plan. Often you start an engagement with highly experienced people but then the digital marketing implementation might be off-shored.

However choose a consultant like me, if you prefer working with one person who can offer expertise across all areas of digital marketing. All of the work is done by me and never off-shored.

What are marketing agency fees?

It depends on your needs and revenue goals. But in general, my monthly fees are less than a large agency but more than a freelancer. If I am generating online inquiries and increasing brand awareness, the value I create will far exceed my fees. Digital marketing for manufacturers is an investment in growing your online visibility but also defending from your competitors encroaching your brand search terms.

Have you asked yourself how do I market my B2B business?

In the 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark report, close to 70% of the most successful B2B marketers have a documented content plan. B2B buying cycle is long and often requires a lot of information prior to purchase. Think of content marketing as education marketing. You want your website to be a hub of educational content your potential buyer would be searching for. You are aiding them along the journey of finding a solution to their problem.

By developing a marketing plan, your manufacturer’s marketing plan will have a set of KPIs to measure success and help to continually improve results.

The best approach is to do an audit on what is currently working. Then do a competitor analysis to uncover any new opportunities for new business. Lastly, define measurable goals and an action plan to begin trying to make improvements in these areas. The key is to take the time to develop a game plan to understand past results and future projections.

What makes you different from other B2B digital marketing consultants?

I have a deep background in graphics, web dev, and digital marketing. I started out my career in Grand Rapids in the furniture industry and then moved to Detroit and worked in the automotive industry. I have designed logos, websites, trade show booth graphics, product sheets, websites, portals, and email marketing. All of this industrial manufacturing digital marketing experience helps me present solutions to help you improve your business and guide you in making better decisions. My B2B client portfolio includes metal fabricators, industrial product manufacturers, and B2B engineering services.

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