10 Benefits of the HubSpot Website Builder for Your Business

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10 Benefits of the HubSpot Website Builder for Your Business

Your website is the front door to your business. Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is essential for your business growth.

HubSpot CMS consists of tools that all work together to give control of all your web assets. Basically, it takes the pain out of managing your website. Instead, it helps you focus on building campaigns and content that result in growth.

HubSpot website builder review and list of benefits.

1. Built-in security to protect your website

Every website built by anyone can be hacked in some way or another. Every website owner should be aware of the alarming levels of website hacking.

Before anything else, it is crucial to secure your website for your marketing plans.

HubSpot content management system comes with a built-in SSL certificate. This certificate protects sensitive information as it travels across computer networks. It helps to build your customers’ trust in your website and increases your Google rank.

Its support team is available 24/7 to protect your site and watch for any kind of threat.

You get a web application firewall that protects your web applications. This occurs by filtering and monitoring traffic between web applications and the internet. A web firewall prevents hackers from reaching and taking down your site.

2. App marketplace to extend functionality and share data

Every website owner needs apps to help them facilitate their customer choices. With businesses adopting and using an ever-increasing number of apps, it becomes important to have a vast app marketplace with over 500 apps available to fulfill their particular business needs.

There are over 40 categories of available apps for such wide-ranging uses as:

  • accounting
  • channel management
  • sales performance management
  • webinars, and more.

These apps contain reviews and ratings and a new certification process. This feature makes it easier for you to choose the right apps for your business needs.

The reviews and ratings will help you understand how an app is performing. The certification process ensures that it meets the high-quality standards and expectations of its customers.

Developers are working very hard to ensure the apps are up to date. Outdated apps have a lot of security loopholes. These could make your site vulnerable to hackers.

3. Align sales and marketing strategy with training in the HubSpot Academy

HubSpot CMS provides a comprehensive platform to help you learn. The tutorials will teach you how to create your website and utilize all the available tools.

It also provides certification in a variety of fields such as:

  • content marketing
  • growth-driven design
  • inbound sales, and more.

This certification is free, and it will help expand your knowledge base; so important to fully utilize the capacity and capabilities of your website, instrumental to your business’ success.

4. SEO optimized to increase organic search traffic to your website

You need to optimize your website if you want to rank in search engines. Search engines help people in everyday life. It helps them find where to eat, what to buy, and more.

However, it’s not easy to get found on search engines. When searching online, few people go beyond the first few results. Most of the search traffic goes no further than the first page on search engines.

With HubSpot CMS, your website comes with in-built SEO tools. HubSpot’s CMS SEO tools provide you with keyword focus and page SEO recommendations. You can see which pages need to be optimized. Then use HubSpot editor to make the necessary changes and publish them.

99% uptime HubSpot CMS

Speed matters when you want your site seen on the first few pages. It takes 3 seconds to lose half of your website traffic. HubSpot promises 99.99% uptime, and it’s active through all CDN. This will improve your site’s speed and overall rankings on search engines.

HubSpot also helps you plan your content market strategy around topics that will elevate your authority in search engines, get as-you-type optimization advice as you’re creating content, and measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics.

5. Website themes and templates help to save time and money

Every website needs a uniform style. WordPress website design has been used by many top designers and developers who’ve used it to build engaging websites. It offers over a thousand themes across many marketplaces.

HubSpot, in contrast, is built with standard web languages. You won’t need a developer for maintenance and knowledge of CSS. Marketers can use the HubSpot website builder to quickly build landing pages and blog posts.

The HubSpot marketplace has over 4,000 templates and themes that cater to most of your business needs. Most of the themes are for landing pages, emails, blog pages, and website pages. Also, many template providers provide HubSpot CMS support services.

You can adjust the style of your website through your choice of theme settings.

6. Drag and drop functionality makes building pages easy

Creating web pages used to be the job for developers. If you didn’t know HTML and CSS, you wouldn’t be able to build a beautiful website with a professional look..

But with modern-day CMS like HubSpot, it provides easy to use page building tools like the drag and drop feature. This feature allows you to change the layout and design of the pages without having coding knowledge.

HubSpot CMS has around 35 modules by default. These modules cover page features such as blog posts, headers, CTAs, subscription forms, sliders, social media buttons, and more. Anything more complex needs to be designed by a developer.

7. Gain a better understanding of your customers with linked analytics and CRM

hubspot analyticsEvery marketer needs to monitor their website’s traffic. Without traffic, there’s no way to monetize your website.

Analytics monitor your website’s traffic and report missing data. It also provides insights into what is causing your customers to bounce.

HubSpot CMS provides built-in analytics software. This software will allow you to track your visitors immediately.

8. Fast loading website pages on mobile devices with Google AMP support

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. If you insert AMP markup on your pages, Google will load them on mobile devices.

Google ranks those pages that have AMP compared to those that do not.

HubSpot CMS provides AMP support for all your web pages. You don’t have to worry about manually marking up your pages.

9. Multi-language content creation helps global teams reach the right audience

If you’re a global company with offices in many countries, you’ll likely need a multi-language website.

You’ll need to make sure every customer has the option to switch to the language in which they want to interact. The ability to offer this flexibility is both indicative of excellent customer service as well as reflects a certain level of sophistication and authority in your site to your customers.

In HubSpot CMS, you can create and manage and optimize a multi-language website.

10. Convenience of having one single platform and login for digital marketing

If you have a large marketing team it can be a challenge to manage multiple platforms, users, and logins. Using HubSpot CMS allows a distributed team to have a central meeting place for landing pages, website, email marketing, analytics, sales lead scoring, analytics, and more.

This allows a marketing team to run in unison and avoid conflicts from someone using another platform for something that should ideally be done inside HubSpot.

Wrap Up

Having a good CMS for your website is essential if you want to manage all your business assets properly and profitably. HubSpot CMS contains all the tools you would need to create a better customer experience.

Try out all of these features: Signup for free and request a demo.


Written by: Jake Lett
I share digital marketing tips and HubSpot tutorials to help marketers and business owners grow their business.

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