25+ Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Business Website

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25+ Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Business Website
A website created by a page builder service like Godaddy, Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace are a dime a dozen. But a lead-generating website is a rare jewel. Strategically built websites help you generate new business and communicate your brand story. Below is a list of common questions to ask before redesigning your business website.

List of questions to ask before you start a new website design

Questions to understand your goals, budget, and timeline

  1. Do you have a creative brief containing specific requirements?
  2. How much are you looking to spend on this project?
  3. When would you like your business website to be completed?
  4. What is the main reason for wanting to build your website now? How will this help your business?
  5. How much traffic, sales, and leads are you currently getting from your website? How is this being tracked?

Questions to understand your technical requirements

  1. Does your business have a CRM?
  2. How does your team track and report on your sales pipeline?
  3. Does your website CMS require any data integrations, security, or translation functionality?
  4. Do you like your existing process of building website pages? Could it be streamlined?
  5. Do you currently do SEO (search engine optimization)? If so, what are your target keywords and content marketing pieces?

Questions to understand your target market

  1. Who are your top 3 competitors? How do you think you rank among them in terms of sales volume and reputation?
  2. How are you different from these competitors?
  3. Describe your average customer demographics? Male/female, age, location, and what are common goals they have?
  4. Why do you think your customers choose you over the competition?
  5. What is the service area for your business? Do you have office customers visit?
  6. What is the primary service or product you provide?
  7. Do you have a logo or any other existing marketing material? If so, are you happy with these items, and could you send them to me?
  8. Do buyers contact you looking for missing information on your website?
  9. What are the most common questions prospects ask?
  10. Do you have manufacturing products not listed on your website?
  11. Is your RFQ form too complicated?

Questions to understand the value you provide

  1. Do you know of any business websites you have seen that you would like your website to look like or be comparable?
  2. How would you like someone to feel, or what do you want them to think when they visit your website?
  3. Do you prefer leads to email you or call you on the phone? Or is both fine?
  4. Could you describe your typical sales process?
  5. How do you currently get customers? Is this working?
  6. What are some of the top questions new customers ask you about your services and your business?
  7. What search phrases would you like your business to be seen for?
  8. Do you have photos of completed projects we could use on your website?
  9. If your site generates one new customer, what is the average lifetime value of that customer (factor in referrals and repeat business)?
  10. In 1 year after the website is built, what results would it need for you to consider it successful?


I hope this list of questions helped to guide you in planning your website redesign strategy. I also created a free website redesign planning checklist to help you through the implementation.

Written by: Jake Lett
I share digital marketing tips and HubSpot tutorials to help marketers and business owners grow their business.

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