Ebooks, guides, printable templates, and more to help your business grow.

Business Website Redesign Planning Guide

Avoid common mistakes and challenges faced when migrating or redesigning a business website. The printable checklist makes it easy to get started.

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HubSpot CMS for Beginners

Learn how to use HubSpot CMS to quickly build your website, blog, or landing pages. I will give a lay of the land and explain key terminology to help you get started quickly.

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Business Quarterly Goals Template 2023

The best time to effectively plan your goals for 2023 and reflect on your progress since the end of 2022 is right now.

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Web Design Basics Guide

Learn responsive design basics and how to design a professional website for your business.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website

Learn five quick tips on how to improve your business website performance, conversion rate, and SEO.

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Printable Website Wireframe Templates

These printable UX UI responsive design sketch sheets will help you work through your design before writing any code.

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HubSpot Developer HubL Cheat Sheet

Are you new to HubSpot CMS development? What are themes, HubL, and Modules? Get a reference guide to help you quickly learn the basics.

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Not Seeing a Guide to Address Your Problem?

What guide should I write next? Are you not seeing a guide that addresses the current challenge you face? Email me your idea, and I will consider writing a guide to help you.

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