About Bootstrap Creative

I started this website as a way to pursue creative and entrepreneurial projects outside of my full-time job. I was learning about internet marketing, SEO, web development, and consulting and needed a way to test out my ideas. I have tried blogging, creating Kindle eBooks, digital downloads, and HubSpot website templates.

From a very early age, I often wondered how things worked. Or what the original idea or motivation was behind a business or product innovation. This curiosity has driven me throughout my career, starting as a print design-focused graphic designer.

I then became interested in web development and began designing and building websites. I quickly learned business owners and marketers don’t want websites but instead want outcomes like more traffic, leads, and sales. A website is a means to an end.

guitar tuning

I also learned how design and marketing strategy are just hypotheses. Without experimentation, analysis, and continuous improvement, your theory is either wrong or not as effective as it could be.

The key is to listen and observe how your buyers want to buy from you and then adapt. The process is a lot like tuning a guitar. Pluck, listen, and adjust.

Who I help

  • Marketers and business owners who use HubSpot for their website, blog, or landing pages. I provide templates and themes to help them save time and money.
  • Web developers learn web design and graphic design basics.
  • Anyone interested in pursuing creative projects to earn side income.

What I believe

  • Marketing requires experimentation and continuous improvement. A static website is a stagnant strategy.
  • Marketing and sales should share notes and work together to achieve common goals.
  • SEO is an excellent opportunity to learn about your customer’s needs and how you can help them.
  • Analytics data and automation are worthless if time isn’t spent seeking insights.
  • Design should be appropriate for the business and not follow trends.

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