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HubSpot Website Designer & Developer in Metro Detroit, Michigan

From a very early age, I often wondered how things worked. Or what the original idea or motivation was behind a business or product innovation. At restaurants, I would always first read the “history” section on the back of menus. This curiosity has driven me throughout my career, starting as a print design-focused graphic designer.

jake lett
Here I am assembling a playhouse for my kids.

I then became interested in web development and began designing and building websites. I quickly learned business owners and marketers don’t want a website but instead want outcomes like more traffic, leads, and sales. A website is just a means to an end goal. So today I strive to help businesses design, build, and optimize their websites to get results.

I started out building WordPress sites as a freelancer and saw how powerful a content management system can be for a non-technical user. Then about 7 years ago, I worked at a company that used HubSpot. At first, it was very confusing because it was a whole new workflow and a new coding language HubL.

But over time, I saw HubSpot CMS continually being improved and how marketers loved using it. I was able to build HubSpot CMS templates that were smart and could adapt to the needs and challenges of a marketing team without having to leverage third-party plugins or custom PHP scripts.

Who I Help

  • Marketers and Entrepreneurs who use HubSpot for their website, blog, or landing pages. I create HubSpot themes to help them save time and money. I also offer advice and guidance on how to plan and execute a website redesign.
  • Graphic designers who want to learn HTML/CSS basics and HubSpot CMS so they can create websites without hiring a developer.

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