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I have been a web designer / developer for the past 14+ years. I am still learning and enjoy helping others learn as well. I earned a bachelors in graphic design around the time CSS and web standards were just starting to take hold. My primary focus was print design but gradually began doing more web projects. Then in 2009, I got my first job as a web designer/developer writing a ton of CSS and realizing I had a long journey of learning ahead.

The company I work for uses HubSpot and I frequently create landing page, email, and module templates. So I started creating HubSpot templates as a way to earn some side income and to help HubSpot marketers use the platform. I provide HubSpot design and development services as a consultant or agency freelancer.

Services I provide – (ways I can help you)

  • Custom HubSpot template design and development
  • Design and CSS style support to answer questions
  • Converting finished designs (PSD, Sketch) into HubL HubSpot templates
  • Existing Template modifications or branding updates
  • Analytics and AdWords conversion tracking/remarketing setup and reporting

Please email me if you have a question regarding the HubSpot Design Tools editor or if you need help creating a custom template for your business. I am here to help!

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Thank you,
Jacob Lett
HubSpot Design/Development Consultant
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