For beginners, learning web development is harder than it used to be...

Hello, my name is Jacob. I created this website to help you build responsive websites with Bootstrap. When I started, I felt so overwhelmed and never thought I could understand what all of the code and tags meant. Eventually, I was able to get my first real development job... but I soon realized my learning had only just begun.

I believe learning how to build a website is a lot more challenging for beginners than it used to be. It's not enough to just know HTML and CSS. But now you need to know about SEO, browser compatibility, responsive design, page load time, and usability. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap help in leveling the technical challenges because it is improved over time by a large community of developers.

I want you to experience the joy of building your ideas.

I also realize your time is precious and so work to distill the information to save you time. My writing focuses on responsive web design with Bootstrap 4 so I will write a lot about CSS, page layout, and web design basics.

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- Jacob Lett, your teacher

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