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Hi. My name is Jacob and I love learning and making things, especially responsive websites. I enjoy thinking through problems. Seeing an idea in my head. And then creating it. It is extremely fulfilling to then share your work with others.

Businesses hire developers to create websites because they want one thing. Results. They expect the website to be a tool to generate sales or perform a necessary business objective.

A large majority of new sites will use Bootstrap and existing sites that use older versions will need to be migrated. It is also important to know the history of responsive design and it's fundamental principles before using the Bootstrap framework.

I believe learning how to create a website is a lot more challenging for beginners than it used to be. It is not enough to just know HTML and CSS. But now you need to know about SEO, browser compatibility, page load time, and usability. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap help in leveling the technical challenges because it is improved over time by a community of developers.

Think about the number of people and devices accessing the web today. Now extend that number over 5 years. It is impossible for anyone to know the quirks of every device and browser. The web development community demands a framework that we can share and improve over time.

I strongly believe Bootstrap is not just for beginners but should be embraced by anyone wanting to build their site on a solid architecture. Bootstrap is a repository of knowledge because it contains hundreds of cross browser compatibility fixes of common design patterns (components).

I admit, learning the class names and following a new mobile-first workflow can be tough. It takes putting your "I got this hat" aside and putting your trust into the thousands of developers improving the Bootstrap framework. For me, doing so has given me peace of mind and confidence I am following development best practices.

Here’s what I know for sure: If you are going to be looking for a job as a web designer or front-end developer in the next 5 years you need to know Bootstrap and responsive design fundamentals.

I am committed to helping you learn and encourage you to be your best. I want you to experience the joy of building your ideas.

I also realize your time is precious and so I want to distill the information to save you time. My writing focuses on web design with Bootstrap so I will write a lot about CSS, JS, layout, and web design basics.

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Thanks for stopping by. Jacob

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