Google Data Studio Bubble Chart of SEO Improvement Opportunities

The Google Search Console blog recently shared a free template to import your Google Search Console data and plot the search queries in a bubble chart. Why would you want to do this? Because it visually helps you know what is actionable in optimizing organic search keywords and pages. The larger the bubble the higher… Read more »

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FAQ Schema Microdata Code Snippet

Below is a FAQ microdata schema code template you can copy and paste and add to your page HTML. You would repeat the .faq-question div block for each QA answer set. Once you are done adding your markup you can test it in the Google schema tester. If you are using WordPress, I noticed the… Read more »

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What is the Average Google Click Through Rate by SERP Position?

Are you looking for ways to increase organic search traffic to your website? One thing to consider optimizing is your search engine results page snippets. Below is an example snippet with the page title, URL, and meta description.   SERP Position CTR 1 28.50% 2 15.70% 3 11% 4 8% 5 7.20% 6 5.10% 7… Read more »

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How to Increase Your Businesses Online Search Visibility & Local SEO

Every business wants to be found online. Having a professional website is a good starting point but you also need to be found on search engines, maps, voice search like Alexa, and business review sites like Yelp. Below is a list of websites every business should be listed on. If you have just one business… Read more »

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SEO for Manufacturers & Industrial Companies in 2022: Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to start developing a website for your industrial manufacturing company. It could be a way to expand or establish your small business, or a way to organize a portfolio for your art. It could even serve as a personal website that helps job recruiters find… Read more »

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