Where can you view all of your downloaded HubSpot templates and modules?

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If you download a HubSpot theme or module from their marketplace there is a spot for you to manage these assets. You can update them, reinstall, or write a review. Below are two ways to find this purchase management panel

Option 1 – HubSpot Asset Marketplace Homepage

Visit the HubSpot marketplace homepage and click the “Purchased” tab.

hubspot purchased downloads

Option 2 – HubSpot Marketplace Header Dropdown Menu

In the top header menu, click the marketplace dropdown menu icon. Towards the bottom, you can find links to manage connected apps or asset downloads.

find hubspot marketplace templates downloaded

How to update a HubSpot theme or template

If a template or HubSpot theme has an update, you will see an orange circle under the name. Click the install update to apply the new files to your account.

how to update a purchased HubSpot theme or template

How to write a review for a purchased HubSpot theme or template in the marketplace

For each downloaded asset, you can click the “actions” dropdown menu to find a link to write a review.

how to write a review for a hubspot theme or template



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