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Inbound Marketing Consultant

Jake Lett
Inbound Marketing Consultant

I have been using hubspot for the past 7 years as a HubSpot developer and inbound marketing consultant. I have helped companies setup and start using HubSpot to grow their business.

Please email me if you have a question regarding the HubSpot. I am here to help!

Jake Lett
HubSpot inbound marketing consultant
Bootstrap Creative
Located in Metro Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.
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Inbound Marketing Consultant

Ways I can help you and your business grow

HubSpot onboarding and training

  • Creating workflow sequences

  • Contact imports and creating lists

  • Developing a content marketing strategy

  • HubSpot 4 hour technical consulting blocks

Custom HubSpot Design & Development

  • Custom HubSpot Web Design - UI / UX

    Do you have a general idea of what you want but not sure exactly how it should look or function? I can help you work through the various stages of wireframes and design comps to clearly define the scope of the project.

  • Custom HubSpot Web Development

    I have experience building full website themes, blog themes, quote templates, landing page templates, and email templates for HubSpot.

  • HubSpot Marketing Consultant

    Do you need help defining a strategy on how to use HubSpot to maximize your investment? I can help you define a strategy on how to use HubSpot to increase website traffic and leads.

Additional Services

  • SEO Optimization

    Increase organic search traffic and broadening brand awareness.

  • Conversion rate optimization

    Perform A/B split tests to increase leads.

  • Google Ads Campaign Setup & Management

    Sometimes a beautiful website and on-page SEO isn't enough. If you are in a competitive market Google Ads helps you gain visibility and learn what keywords drive leads for your business.

  • HubSpot Template edits, branding updates, or improvements

  • HubSpot Graphic Design Services

    Social post graphics, print brochures, ebook design

Do you need HubSpot help?

Email Me (586) 894-8024

Inbound Marketing Consultant

HubSpot Consulting Prices

My rates are less than an full-service agency but more than a junior or offshore resource. Unlike other consultants, I provide a satisfaction guarantee on my work. If you are unhappy with my services you can request a refund. In addition, all of the strategy and implementation work is done by me and not passed off. This ensures a high quality level of work and communicaiton.

1 hour consulting call

If you just have a few questions we could schedule a call for an up-front one time flat fee.

HubSpot 4 hour technical consulting block

Access to a block of hours of consulting to ask questions or get guidance on using HubSpot.

For larger projects with a defined scope of work

I don't charge by the hour but instead will provide you a proposal of different ways we could work together. Options being either a flat fee or monthly retainer. I do this so you know what you are paying up-front and you don't have suprises and have to buy more hours later.

For larger projects without scope

I offer a $1,500 paid project discovery service to work with you to define a scope. This will act as a roadmap for us to follow to provide an accurate cost estimate.

Cost structure comparison

  • $ junior developer or offshore
  • $$ Jake Lett
  • $$$+ Inbound Marketing Agency or HubSpot consultants

Want to Hire a HubSpot consultant?

Email Me (586) 894-8024

Frequently asked questions

What is the hourly rate for HubSpot consultant?

HubSpot consultant hourly rates typically are in the $75-$300 range if you are hiring someone in USA or Europe. Lower rates can be found using sites like Upwork but have their challenges working with different cultures, languages, and time zones. If you hire an inbound marketing agency, hourly rates be in the $200-$400+ range. The hourly rate depends on your specific project requirements.

If you work with me, I do not charge an hourly rate but instead, provide you a proposal of various ways we could work together. The options could either be a fixed price or a monthly fee. This way you and your accounting team know the costs up front and there are no change orders or need to buy more hours.

How much does a HubSpot consulting cost?

A HubSpot consultant is someone who can listen to your list of requirements and also provide alternate solutions and advice. They might also have expertise in other HubSpot areas like Marketing, Sales, SEO, and Google Ads. This is the area I serve. I have a hybrid skillset and have worked in agencies and in-house marketign teams, so I am professional and can work well with you and your team to build high quality solutions for HubSpot.

Want to talk about your business growth?

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