What is Adaptive Web Design?

Another approach is to build multiple versions of a website and use server side detection to then present custom code for that device or viewport size. You could decide to have your mobile site on a separate domain for example m.domain.com. The server will then automatically serve all mobile traffic to that domain. The server… Read more »

What is Bootstrap?

The Bootstrap CSS framework is a front end toolkit built in style guide form. Or basically a collection of CSS and JS code recipes call components to help developers build responsive websites quickly. When Bootstrap was first created at Twitter it was built as a toolkit of reusable components with additional documentation and code snippets on… Read more »

What does compile mean?

In web development you often see the term compile which means to convert a higher level code (source code) to a lower level (distribution code). Often its LESS or Sass into CSS using a tool like Grunt, Gulp, or desktop application like codekit. In node.js based projects you will often find a source folder containing… Read more »

What is a component?

“A component is a minimal software item that can be tested in isolation.” The keyword in that phrase is isolation. Since CSS cascades down to child elements how do you isolate things and write styles to target specific components and leave everything as is? The solution Bootstrap presented is the use of css classes with… Read more »

What is a Code Dependency?

If you are working on a Node.js or using Grunt/Gulp/Bower you might hear the term code dependency or list of dependencies. What this means is your project depends on another code library or framework to function properly. So your project lists these dependencies inside your package.json file and if you use Bower in a bower.json… Read more »