Would you recommend switching your website from WordPress CMS to HubSpot CMS?

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If you answer yes to a lot of the questions below, I would consider HubSpot CMS.

  • Is your site mostly public-facing content and nothing needs to be private or require high levels of secure access?
  • Do you have a global team of marketing and sales?
  • Do you need to translate content?
  • Do you need the ability to create hundreds of landing pages and email campaigns?
  • Do you have a developer to regularly maintain your WordPress site hosting and security?
  • Would you like to split test web pages to optimize lead generation?
  • Do you see the benefit of having one login for your marketing and sales efforts?
  • Would you like to use personalize pages with CRM data to increase conversions?
  • Do you see the value of having access to a support team to ask questions when things are not working?
  • Do you find the WordPress editing experience clunky and confusing using third party page builder plugins?

In my opinion, the top three benefits I see for the HubSpot CMS are the following.

  1. Simplifies hosting and maintaining a website (SSL, CDN, security, user permissions, backups, redirects, translations, split testing, analytics, image assets, CRM) – less reliance on a developer and IT
  2. Scales for large global teams creating hundreds of marketing assets like landing pages, emails, CTA’s, etc.
  3. One login – convenience for marketing and sales to be on the same page

Is HubSpot CMS worth it?

HubSpot doesn’t make sense for micro or solo businesses unless you have the revenue to cover the expense. But if you have a larger team and investing in creating a marketing machine it is a perfect solution. Below in my opinion are use cases for using HubSpot CMS vs WordPress + HS plugin.

  • You have more money than time. Will one new customer easily cover the cost of HubSpot?
  • Your marketing and sales organization has more than 5 people and you are generating a lot of marketing assets.
  • You don’t have access to an in-house developer or agency retainer to maintain your site

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