How Do You Change the Primary Domain in HubSpot CMS?

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If you are looking to rebrand your website and change its domain there are a few steps you can take. You will most likely land on this HubSpot knowledge base article which outlines the steps but if you read it quickly you might miss a critical piece of information. At the very bottom there is a note that says “changing your brand or primary/secondary domain will not create redirects“. You would assume it does because that is what you are asking the system to do… change the domain. But it doesn’t.

So What Does Changing the HubSpot Brand Domain Do Then?

Changing the brand name changes the main part of the domain your content to pointing to. your brand domain in this case would be the “yourdomain” part of “”. When a brand domain is changed the system automatically creates a redirect from the old brand domain to the new one as seen under the Redirected domains section, however, this won’t affect any of the page URLs unless either updated within the individual page settings or creating a flexible redirect.

What if You Want to Change All of the Page Urls in Bulk?

This can be done in bulk in HubSpot under the Domains & URLs > URL Redirects. Here you can create an individual redirect for pages or use a flexible redirect that would update all URLs based on one domain. In this case, a flexible redirect would work best to redirect all content on the domain to Below is a screenshot of what the flexible redirect would look like for reference.

One thing also worth mentioning with the flexible redirect is that the URL in the page setting will remain the same but when visited will update (redirect) to the new one. Again, you would assume this would change here as well.

Original URL:*rest-of-url

Redirect to:{rest-of-url}


What if I Just Want to Change the Domain on a Single Page or My Blog?

Instead of changing the domain and redirecting all of your content using the old domain. Ignore the flexible redirect and just go to the page you want to change and edit the page settings. Click on the pencil next to the url and if you have redirect domain setup, you can change the domain and update the page.

Here is a guide


So before you change domains you need to ask the question, do I want to change a single page or all of my pages using the old domain? Once you know this you can follow one of the steps above to properly change and redirect to your new domain.

You can contact me if you have any questions regarding this guide.

Written by: Jacob Lett - Jacob is an experienced website designer and developer who specializes in building HubSpot CMS themes. He helps Industrial companies optimize and leverage their website for awareness, lead generation, and branding.
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