What is HubSpot Used For?

HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management software or CRM. This is the core product. But they also have bolt-on Hubs that add additional functionality.


Free software allows you to benefit from collecting valuable data on how to best serve customers. Meeting scheduler and live chat make connecting with your sales prospects easier. Report & improve tactics that are working

Marketing Hub

Attract more attention with SEO, social media, and paid advertising Nurture leads with email workflows Report and improve tactics that are actually working

Sales Hub

Email templates save time sending frequently used messages Share documents, contacts, and deals across an entire sales team Report and improve tactics that are actually working

Customer Service Hub

Tickets Customer Feedback Knowledge Base

CMS Hub (website)

Marketing and Sales can have one login and tool for their website Easy to use website builder without having to manage website hosting and plugins Can make content translation and smart content to leverage your CRM data

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