kids water table with dam to block flow of water

Improving the Flow of Leads

Water is an excellent metaphor for what is happening on your website or landing pages. Every month there are hundreds of people visiting your website and landing page offers. They are navigating, scrolling, clicking, skimming, and scanning before they commit to thoroughly reading a page.

When I take my kids to the splash pad, they have a water table similar to the one pictured. If you push down a slot upstream, it can block the water flow to the lower levels.

The bottom level of the picture is like your new landing page. It could be fully optimized, but it isn’t getting a large enough traffic flow to benefit fully. Conversion rate optimization is taking a bird’s eye view and looking at the flow of traffic and behavior of your past and current site visitors. Once you have some data, you can hypothesize how to improve the conversion rate.

What is a Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the number of conversions (form submissions, pdf downloads, sales, video watches, etc.) divided by the total number of visitors.

Expected Conversion Rate Optimization Opportunities

    • Landing page form conversion rate to decrease the bounce rate and improve engagement
    • Increase the number of form submissions on a company contact form
    • A vital offer is getting a lot of traffic but few form submissions
    • A significant landing page has a high bounce rate
  • Would like to test the effect of a new design or page layout
  • Running A/B split test experiments and heatmaps

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