10+ Best HubSpot Website Themes and Templates of 2023

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10+ Best HubSpot Website Themes and Templates of 2023

The HubSpot theme marketplace contains a variety of themes to choose from. Below are 10 of the best HubSpot themes to consider when choosing one for your business.

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What are HubSpot CMS Themes vs. HubSpot Templates?

Prior to themes, the HubSpot marketplace contained only templates and template packs. HubSpot themes are very similar to template packs with the addition of an editable theme settings panel. This allows you to control the visual design of all HubSpot CMS templates contained in the theme. This type of customization is used to require code changes across multiple HubSpot website templates.

Some things to consider before choosing a HubSpot theme or template

  1. Is the default visual design appropriate for your brand, industry, and ideal buyer persona?
  2. Will the complexity of the theme make your job easier or create a new hassle weeding through all of the features?
  3. Does the theme follow technical SEO best practices to maximize search ranking?

1. Clean HubSpot Theme

clean hubspot theme

Price: $997

This series of templates has a long history in the marketplace and has a large following. It contains templates and modules suitable for different industries like B2B SaaS and professional services.

Buy HubSpot Theme

2. Atomic HubSpot Theme

Atomic HubSpot Theme

Price: $997

Buy Atomic HubSpot Theme

3. Studio Canvas HubSpot Theme

Studio Canvas HubSpot Theme

Price: FREE

If you are looking for a professional free HubSpot theme, Studio Canvas is a great consideration. The only downside I see with this theme is it requires having illustrative images to continue the design with your brand. It would not work very well for cropped images that are more square.

Buy Studio Canvas HubSpot Theme

4. Power HubSpot Theme

Power HubSpot Theme

Price: $999

This theme won the Best Overall Theme in the 2020 HubSpot Themes Challenge. It has a nice clean and modern design with various web page layout options to choose from.

Buy Power HubSpot Theme

5. Jake Event Agenda LP HubSpot Theme

Industrial Webinar HubSpot landing page template

Price: $150

The Jake Event Agenda Landing landing page template is designed to help you increase your registrations. It is clean and concise to help your customers quickly read and understand why they should attend your event.

Buy Jake Event Landing Page HubSpot Theme

6. Sprocket Rocket HubSpot Theme

SR Theme

Price: $777

A marketing-focused platform like HubSpot CMS requires an accessible website builder your entire marketing team can use.

Buy Sprocket Rocket HubSpot Theme

7. Act 3 HubSpot Theme

act3 promo banner

Price: $500

A modern and simple design on the surface, a powerhouse under the hood – Act3 is the perfect balance of look, feel and performance.

Buy Act3 HubSpot Theme

8. Industrial Blog HubSpot Theme

Industrial HubSpot Blog Templates

Price: $75

A clean webinar landing page template that is easy to customize using drag and drop sections.

Buy Industrial Blog HubSpot Theme

9. Jake Portfolio HubSpot Theme

jake portfolio cover

Price: $55

The designer portfolio website templates include different image gallery layouts (full width, centered, wide left, and wide right) to help you showcase your work. You can also add project details like the client name, URL, technology used, etc.

Buy Jake Portfolio HubSpot Theme

10. Industrial Website HubSpot Theme

industrial theme pro

Price: $800 – Free

The Industrial HubSpot theme is a website design template for industrial products and manufacturing businesses. This theme will help you get started using HubSpot quickly and fully support your unique business requirements. Provides an uncluttered theme settings panel and templates to choose from. This makes it easy to get started without having to decide which template to use.

Looking for more HubSpot theme options?

Hi my name is Jake Lett and I have created a few HubSpot themes and modules you may be interested in. You can view my HubSpot themes here.


I would highly recommend spending some time to outline your theme requirements before selecting a HubSpot website template. Many themes include free consultations and demos to help you try the theme before you buy. In addition to the themes listed in the marketplace, you can also use one of the HubSpot default themes

Need help choosing a HubSpot theme or have a question? Contact me.

Written by: Jake Lett
I share digital marketing tips and HubSpot tutorials to help marketers and business owners grow their business.

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