HubSpot vs Pardot vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How do they compare?

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Before you can start the comparison you first have to identify the CRM being used. If you are already using the HubSpot CRM it probably makes sense to stick solely to this platform. However, if your sales team is using Salesforce your choices are going to be more complex based on your business and marketing strategy. Below is a brief overview of each platform and my opinion on their strengths.

HubSpot offers a free CRM and great educational resources to align sales and marketing efforts. It is primarily focused on SMB with an average customer value of $7k. The marketing Hub allows you to create emails, campaigns, forms, automation, landing pages, websites, and social media posts.

Pardot is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and is very similar to HubSpot but is more geared to the middle of the funnel in driving sales conversations and lead scoring. If you are using Salesforce and have a customer value higher than $7k this could be a great option.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the all-in approach for your marketing efforts. This option only makes sense if you are solely using the Salesforce CRM.


HubSpot Marketing HubPardotSalesforce Marketing Cloud
Top funnel focus
Middle funnel focus
Sales ReportingBetter if using Salesforce CRM

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