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Ahh proposals. Have you spent an hour or so formatting a proposal to only have the client decline the work? That is often time wasted you could be billing for. The goal of this template bundle is to help you quickly create project proposals and work agreement contracts. These templates use the same grid and typography styles so everything is consistent. The templates allow you to quickly formulate a price based on your hourly rate and expenses. Then add your pricing to the proposal template with a summary and timeline. Once the proposal is approved, you would send them the work agreement contract to make sure both parties are bound legally.

I have personally used these templates for my business and have successfully won projects and contracts with these templates.

What you’ll get…

Blank Project Pricing Calculator – Excel and Numbers Template

  • Quickly estimate the cost of jobs
  • Enter your hourly rate, fees, and profit margin to view project estimate
  • Calculator template contains formulas to auto populate values

Blank Project Proposal Template

  • Once you have your pricing
  • Layout allows you to present yourself as a professional and explain why they should hire you

Blank Work Agreement Contract Template

  • Clean and professional design is optimized for printing and 3-hole punch binding
  • Black text for readability and optimized scanning and faxing
  • Common legal language to explain the work to be completed and cover you from any projects going wrong or unpaid (wording should be reviewed by your lawyer before use)

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