Aqueduct Responsive Card Blocks HubSpot Email Template


Easily drag and drop email card content blocks

HubSpot change order of cards

Create as many cards as you need. Then re-order them as you like.

Want a responsive email template that looks professional and is flexible to accommodate various amounts of content?

The Aqueduct Responsive Cards Template will help you quickly build a professional looking email. This would be great for newsletters or promoting products or services.


  • Saves you time because you can quickly customize the design without a developer
  • Sortable cards by clicking and dragging / dropping cards.
  • Add as many or few cards as you need without having to touch code.
  • Fully responsive and looks great on mobile and Outlook
  • Pulls in your existing branding from your content settings. So you don’t need to manually update the template colors and fonts.

Buy now and save time creating professional emails.