How to Remove the Border Around a HubSpot Email Template

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How to Remove the Border Around a HubSpot Email Template

HubSpot provides the ability to change common styling used in your email and landing page templates inside your account settings area. But what if you want to have an email template that looks different from your default templates?

In this case, you need to override your default settings with your template specific settings. So you can create a drag and drop email template in your HubSpot design tools area. Then add the code below inside the additional <head> markup box.

{% set email_body_border_css = "none" %}
{% set email_main_body_box_shadow_css = "none" %} 

These HubSpot variables are used in the email template to add a box shadow and border color. This will override your default settings and make your new template look different from the others.

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Written by: Jake Lett
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