How to Change a Page’s Theme to a Different One in HubSpot CMS

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How to Change a Page’s Theme to a Different One in HubSpot CMS

Are you looking to change your HubSpot theme? Below is some guidance on common ways you can change your HubSpot theme.

How to edit the theme style settings

Each HubSpot theme contains settings you can change in the theme editor panel. These settings will allow you to edit colors, fonts, spacing, and more to help you make the theme match your branding.

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How to customize the theme template code

Are you a developer and want to customize the code? If you downloaded a theme from the marketplace, the best approach is to create a child theme and then override the existing code. This will let you update the purchased theme to get enhancements and bug fixes but still retain your changes.

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How to change the theme used by existing page or landing page

Do you have a landing page that you would like to change the design and layout of? If the page uses an old version of the theme you can swap it out with the new one. However, if the template is completely new you will need to create a brand new page using your theme. Then manually re-add the content from the old page to the new one. The reason you need to do this is because each template is different and so the content doesn’t know how to map to the new code structure because the naming is totally different.

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One of the big challenges of changing a page to a different theme is the possibility the modules are not included in the new theme. This can cause content areas to break. So it is best do create a staged version of the page and do the theme switch to see what content is effected. That way you can see what development work you need to do in order to make the missing modules available in your new theme selection. Contact me, If you need help or want to discuss different approaches.

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