HubSpot Custom Cards List Module


Product Overview

This HubSpot card listing module uses UX/UI best practices and offers everything you need for your three-column card layouts, including:

  • Choose the number of columns (3-6 columns)
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Gutter width is adjustable
  • Repeatable fields let you add as many cards as you need
  • Make cards equal height
  • Label overlayed on image can be used to identify the content type (eBook, case study, webinar, etc.)
  • Image upload option
  • Linked cards have a drop-shadow on hover
  • Rich text format for easy editing
  • Complete control of the button styles
  • Ability to add custom CTA URL and text

About the HubSpot Template Designer

Hello, my name is Jake Lett. I am dedicated to continuous improvement and listening/acting on customer feedback. My goal is to provide creative tools to make your job creating and maintaining a HubSpot website easier and less stressful. Browse HubSpot Marketplace

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