Name Anchor HubSpot Module


Product Overview

Quickly add name anchors to your page layouts easily with this module. Great for FAQ pages or linking to lead generation forms.

Module Features

  • Can be used multiple times in your pages.
  • Adjust the offset of the anchor if you have a fixed top header to prevent overlapping.
  • Includes a smooth scroll javascript to prevent jumpy links.

About the Template Designer

Hello, my name is Jake Lett, and I’m a HubSpot CMS web design consultant. I enjoy using my 15+ years of hybrid experience in web design, SEO, and development to create professional HubSpot themes and templates to help marketers quickly build campaigns. I am dedicated to continuous improvement and listening/acting on customer feedback. My goal is to provide creative tools to make your job as a marketer a little easier and less stressful.

Have a question?

Contact me: (586) 894-8024 or

Accepted payments

accepted payments

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