How to Print HubSpot Sales Quotes in Landscape Mode

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How to Print HubSpot Sales Quotes in Landscape Mode

Are you looking for a way to print your HubSpot sales quotes in landscape mode instead of portrait? Or do you want to remove the white margins when printing or download the quote pdf?

HubSpot sales quote templates use CSS print styles to format the PDF and printed document. This gives you an opportunity to write custom CSS to adjust how this document is formatted. Below is a print ruleset you can use in your sales quote template to force the document to be in landscape mode.

Try printing this live page:

@media print {
   /*  sets printed page landscape and no margin so color bleeds to edge */
   @page {
      size: landscape;

In order to demonstrate how this works, I created a simple demo with the basic print CSS styles. Here is a Codepen example you can experiment with:


Contact me if you have any questions regarding this technique.



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