How to Increase Business Online Visibility and Local SEO

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Every business wants to be found online. Having a professional website is a good starting point but you also need to be found on search engines, maps, voice search like Alexa, and business review sites like Yelp. Below is a list of websites every business should be listed on.

If you have just one business location

The links below will help point you to places you should have your business listed. Be sure to have matching information for each profile.

Keep in mind, once you list your business they will often ask you to advertise on their platform. I would avoid any advertising if you are just starting out. Also, since your business address and phone number is publicly available, you will see an increase in business solicitations.

If you have multiple business locations

In order to save time and to make multiple listing management easier I suggest using an online service to help you populate these. One that I have used in the past is Moz Local and it works really well.


Written by: Jacob Lett - Jacob is a digital marketing and web design consultant who helps businesses grow their revenue. Unlike his competitors, he focuses on small and consistent website design changes to increase results. He recently created the Industrial HubSpot Theme to help manufacturers quickly build their website on the HubSpot platform.
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