Solopreneur Releases New Bigcommerce Store Theme to Help Etsy Sellers Increase Sales

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Solopreneur Releases New Bigcommerce Store Theme to Help Etsy Sellers Increase Sales

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Bootstrap Creative, an ecommerce marketing services company, has released a Bigcommerce theme titled Crafted for existing Etsy sellers to grow sales outside of the Etsy marketplace.

Etsy, an ecommerce website selling handmade and vintage items, has 30 million users, 1 million sellers, and over US$1 billion in total annual transactions. This rapid growth and large customer base makes it easy for sellers to quickly open Etsy shops and begin selling. Over time, a business may outgrow the marketplace and desire to limit competition, gain more control of their marketing, and begin to build proprietary business assets. These assets include: a brand, domain name, customer list, and a product listing feed.

“Selling in online marketplaces like Etsy are great opportunities for sales but pose an increased risk as the business grows. If Etsy were to go out of business, so would every small business that is not diversified in other sales channels. It would also be difficult to sell a business in the future without proprietary business assets. Every Etsy shop owner will eventually have to ask themselves if they run a hobby that makes money or a business,” said Bootstrap Creative’s owner Jacob Lett.

Bigcommerce, the fastest-growing ecommerce platform, has integrations to help Etsy sellers load in their existing products and create a product listing feed. This feed allows sellers to sell their products on Etsy, their own Bigcommerce store, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, and more. In addition, this feed can be used to promote products on Google with Google Shopping ads. This diversified approach to online selling will help small businesses compete with larger ecommerce retailers and minimize the pain from increased marketplace fees.

In addition to the Bigcommerce store theme Crafted, Bootstrap Creative provides digital marketing services to help store owners market their business online. Services include: custom Bigcommerce theme design, SEO, and results driven Google AdWords campaign management.

For more information and to view a theme demo visit

Caption: The Bigcommerce theme Crafted is responsive and works across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices
Caption: Theme can be customized to include a bullet list of features
Caption: Theme can be customized to include image banner ads in the store footer to promote sales and special offers


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Bootstrap Creative ( helps ecommerce businesses grow their revenue and customer base by providing ecommerce marketing services. Services include: Bigcommerce theme design and development, AdWords and Google shopping campaign management, SEO, and graphic design.

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