• Simple Text HTML HubSpot Email Template

    Studies show less is more in email design. To achieve high open rates and better engagement it is best to look like an email and less like an image based newsletter Buy now and send a simple email message without the graphics, shadows, and colors. Helps to make your message look like a regular email… Read more »

  • Aqueduct HubSpot Landing Page Template

    Aqueduct Landing Page Template The Romans constructed aqueducts throughout their empire, to bring water from outside sources into cities and towns. Without a consistent supply of water, these cities would have been unable to thrive. I created this template to help you draw results to your business. Template Benefits Saves you time because you can quickly customize the… Read more »

  • HubSpot Icon Module

    Want to list your product features or service offerings quickly? Drag and drop this icon module into a flexible column template to get started. Choose your icon, icon size, color, and text alignment. Then add a text description and link to provide more context.

  • HubSpot Event or Webinar Registration Modal – Module

    HubSpot Event Registration Modal – Custom Module Want increase event and webinar registrations? Drag and drop this event pop up module into a flexible column HubSpot template to get started. Choose your registration form, event description text, and event date/time. The module then displays a countdown timer to add some urgency to register.

  • Aqueduct HubSpot Email Newsletter Template

    Share your latest blog posts in style with this HubSpot email newsletter template.   Features include: Mobile responsive Tested in all major email clients including Outlook 2003+ Displays modern web fonts on smartphones Colors and logo are adjustable in your content settings dashboard PSD image templates available upon request

  • HubSpot Holiday Email Template for Business

    Send your customers a professional holiday message to thank them for their business over the past year. The colors and icons can be easily customized to fit your brand. All Aqueduct templates provide a strong foundation for building a consistent flow of leads to your business. This template also includes 10 holiday icons and photoshop… Read more »

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