Are you looking for a SEO services company in Michigan? Hello, my name is Jake Lett, and I provide SEO to help increase their search engine traffic and inbound leads. I also provide responsive HubSpot CMS themes and templates to help marketers quickly build digital marketing campaigns.

Internet Marketing Services in Michigan

  • Technical SEO Audits

  • Competitive Gap Analysis

  • On-Page Optimizations

  • Website Design & Development

  • Content Marketing and Blogging

  • Google Ads Campaign Management

SEO Marketing Methodology

  1. Baseline
    Perform a complete audit of the site and mark down what the current performance is. Add the bare minimum of what all websites should have to achieve SEO best practices.
  2. Find Opportunities
    Look at competitors and identify opportunities to expand visibility, and look for ways to improve your existing pages to make them perform as well as possible.
  3. SEO Strategy
    Once the growth opportunities are identified, develop a strategy and implementation plan to achieve growth and generate leads.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    Review results and revise the strategy as needed to continue either driving new growth or improving on-page lead conversion.

Service area: Clinton Township, Troy, Utica, Warren, Sterling Heights, Macomb, Shelby, Auburn Hills, Metro Detroit, Michigan

Frequently asked questions

Does SEO marketing work?

SEO is making sure Google and other search engines properly understand your pages so they can present them to the right people at the right time. So yes SEO does work for B2B. You have less search volume than B2C but the volume that is there is extremely valuable for your business.

What is SEO or search engine optimization?

That’s where SEO comes into play. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to how a search engine like Google is able to find your manufacturing website and, more importantly, how likely it is to recommend your site based on a particular search query. All that is to say: if you have a good SEO strategy, then your site will appear higher in search results, and if you have a poor SEO strategy, it will appear lower—if at all.

How much does monthly SEO marketing services cost?

Each engagement depends on your needs and business goals. But in general, my fees are less than a large B2B SEO marketing agency but more than a freelancer. If I am generating leads and increasing brand awareness, the value I create will far exceed my fees. A typical range is $1,500 - $5,000 a month. If you are also running a Google Ads campaign, expect to pay $1,000 on ad spend + $500 for ads setup and Google Ads campaign management.

How is a SEO consultant different from an industrial manufacturing agency?

I am a solo consultant who does all of the work. I don't pass off any of the implementation. This benefits you because you can trust the person actually working on your site is highly experienced and knowledgeable on increasing organic search traffic. Large agencies often have the strategic level employees in meetings and then pass the work down. If quality checks are not in place, this can cause errors and increased cost due to overhead lack of communication.

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Michigan SEO Services Company | Local SEO Company

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