How to Copy HubSpot Sections Into a HubL Code Template

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How to Copy HubSpot Sections Into a HubL Code Template

HubSpot CMS has recently added the ability to copy sections built with the visual editor and then paste the HubL code into a template. Previously, this had to be done by manually.

Why you might want to use this

A designer or marketer could visually design the page. Get 80% there and then hand off to a developer to fine-tune the layout. Or templatize the layout so it can be easily replicated instead of having to clone a page.

Add the URL parameter below to the URL when editing a page.


Then reload. You will then see a header that looks like this.

If you hover over a section and click the actions dropdown menu, you will see the option to copy as HubL. Then you can add it to a coded template to templatize a layout building a visual editor.

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