How Setting Goals and Losing Sleep Can Help You Learn Programming

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How Setting Goals and Losing Sleep Can Help You Learn Programming

In this post I will be interviewing Henry Grammy who who has learned the basics of HTML, CSS, C++, C#, and PHP in just 4-5 months. His story is motivational because it shows what can be accomplished when you set goals and challenge yourself to achieve them. If you are just starting out as a web designer or developer, there are some good tips on how to learn and where to go when you have questions.

What made you decide to learn programming?

I started when I was at home alone doing nothing serious. I watched television and read some articles but was still feeling bored.

A friend of mine who is very good in programming normally brags when it comes to things concerning IT or technology. I asked for his help but he was focused on demonstrating his knowledge instead of genuinely wanting to help me learn. So, I began to learn on my own.

How did you start?

I started searching online for any information about how to program especially for beginners like me. I was confused because of all the terms they were using. I saw terms like “HTML, CSS, C++, C#, PHP ” and many more.

I just took any of them and started to read as much as I could about them online. Since I have a strong mathematics background, I soon began to understand things. I came across the terms I was confused of and began linking themselves as I continued to read.

What websites did you use to learn?

Over time, I got some skills and passion to write computer codes and programs. Sometimes I would run my codes and get uncountable errors which cannot be even corrected nor interpreted. I have learned code errors are common and it takes patience to rewrite things in a error-free way.

Where do you go for help when you get stuck?

I normally visit stack overflow to ask questions or sometimes using Github to get copies of how others did their work which might be similar to what am looking for.

The journey was not an easy path but I sacrificed sleep and sometimes food just to see that I have done something meaningful after writing and compiling all codes. I encouraged myself and focussed on what I had planned to do. Not to boast, but I used about 4-5 months to learn five different languages to which I was proud of.

Since you were learning this as a hobby what motivated you to sacrifice sleep and other hobbies?

  • I tried to develop an interest in it.
  • I normally set a goal before I am about to start. Therefore I have to satisfy my goals before I think of any other thing.

How have things changed for you now that you know more than you did when you started?

I have done a lot of projects both for web and desktop. My friends whom were once teasing me are now looking for me to teach them. Which I am ever ready to do so. I have never regretted for making that decision and has helped me a lot in many areas of life.

Of the five languages you learned which one did you like the most? Why?

Java because it is very easy to understand and less code are needed to produce a result and its Java Virtual Machine is very fast

Which one did you like the least?

JavaScript because it contains less in-built functions.

How do you plan on using your programming skills?

I want to use it to find a job as well as a hobby because I enjoy learning.

How have you used Bootstrap CSS in projects?

I am still learning Bootstrap but am building a site in one of my classes.

What advice would you tell someone who is wanting to learn like you did?

  • Be ready to sit for long hours.
  • Keep reading appropriate books
  • Try and solve complex problems using simpler solutions
  • Ask for help when you face challenges beyond your capabilities
  • Try to interpret other peoples codes
  • Don’t give up when you encounter bugs

Where can people follow you and your work?

The best place to find me is on GitHub –


I want to thank Henry for his time and willingness to share his story. As you can see it covers many of the essential elements in learning and personal development. He had a goal, self-motivated himself to learn, and sacrificed time with friends and sleep in order to achieve his goal. He is now able to continue his learning and share what he learned with others.

What is your learning story?

If you would like to be featured in a future article please email me with a brief summary of how you learned or are learning web design or development.

Written by: Jake Lett
I share digital marketing tips and HubSpot tutorials to help marketers and business owners grow their business.


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