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Getting Started with the Jake Portfolio HubSpot Theme


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Step 1

Do you currently have a HubSpot site or blog, and you want to rebrand? Or is this a new site?

If you are rebranding, you will need to make updates without impacting your current site. Read guide

If this is a new site, you can move on to step 2.

Are you a developer and planning on customizing the theme code? Create a child theme

Step 2

Are you new to using HubSpot themes? If so, I highly recommend reviewing these educational resources before going further, customizing the theme.

Step 3

Create a new blog and use the templates from the theme. Read guide

Step 4

Plan your site architecture. How should your top navigation menu look? What about the footer navigation? Once you have this ready, update your default or create a new navigation menu. Read guide.

Step 5

Once you have this ready, begin building your pages using the templates included in the theme.

You can also use the blank template to build a custom layout. Here is a video showing how to add reusable sections.

Step 6

Go to the theme settings panel and click on the header to open the global partial editor screen. Select your new menu from the dropdown list: update colors and fonts and anything else you would like to update to the theme.

Step 7

This theme is built for a blog that uses two tags (portfolio, article) to filter the content. Create these two tags for your blog.

Step 8

Now add your first portfolio project by creating a blog post and set the tag to “portfolio”.

Step 9

You should now see the module called “portfolio images”. Click “+ Add” to add a portfolio image

Step 10

For a blog post just use the tag “article” and it will be filtered properly on the main site index.

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