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How to Buy WordPress Hosting for a New Website

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up Managed WordPress hosting for a site that is under development.

Step 1

Visit the A2 Hosting Managed WordPress and click the Get 1-site option.

I recommend managed WordPress hosting because the server is preconfigured for WordPress, requires less time for upkeep, and makes it harder for your site to get hacked.

managed wordpress hosting

Step 2

You most likely already have a domain at Godaddy or another domain registrar. But you don’t want to change your domain nameservers until the site is ready for launch. So choose Use a subdomain from A2 Hosting.

Step 3

Change the Billing Cycle dropdown to 12 months. The default setting is 36 months which can cause some sticker shock if you glance over this setting.

Step 4

Complete your purchase.

Step 5

Once the site has been approved and a launch date has been scheduled, you will be provided further instructions on how to update nameservers to the new a2 hosting account.

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