What is the Average Cost for a Freelance Hubspot CMS Developer?

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Below are common ranges you will find the hourly rate. As you might imagine the rates depend on various things like the value given to the client, how busy the freelancer is, and the economic status of the country of the developer. You also have to factor in the working relationship of time-zones and language.

Cost structure comparison

  • $30-80/hr junior developer or offshore
  • $90-150/hr experienced developer USA, Canada, Europe
  • $150/hr+ Inbound Marketing Agency

Personally, as a freelance HubSpot CMS developer in USA I charge in the mid range because I am a hybrid web designer & developer. This makes me more marketable because I can do both and save you time dealing with multiple contractors. Typically I don’t just charge hourly but instead offer prepaid blocks of time or flat fee pricing so the client can plan their budget accordingly.

Written by: Jacob Lett - Jacob started BootstrapCreative to help others learn web design and development. He has built websites for 10+ years for companies and as a freelancer. He enjoys learning and encouraging others to improve their skills.
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