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Crafted Bigcommerce Theme

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Perfect for Jewelry, Boutique Fashion, and Craft Products

Simulates Visual Merchandising

A picture can say a thousand words. This fact has been used in brick-and-mortar retail stores with product displays, signage, and print catalogs. Crafted is designed to encourage browsing throughout your store and introduce offers they may not have seen otherwise.

Develops a Personal Brand

The products you sell are as unique as you are. Tell the story behind your work with a photo and text description shown throughout your online store. Your social profile links will be shown underneath to increase your followers.

Encourages Sharing

Statistics show 44% of ecommerce shares are to Pinterest and pins generate a high average order value compared to other social network. Pinterest sharing buttons are strategically placed throughout the Crafted theme to encourage visitors to share your products with their friends. Source

The Crafted theme is designed for makers of handmade products. Showcase your latest designs and let new visitors get to know you right from the homepage. The prominent search box will give your visitors quick access to find your products. Also since Bigcommerce tracks every search keyword, you will have valuable insight into what your customers want to buy. Your customers will feel right at home with the subtle design cues similar to what is found on Etsy or Pinterest. Social media buttons will encourage them to share your products and blog posts with their friends. If you want to build your brand and sell more of your handmade products this theme is crafted just for you.

The Crafted theme is ideal for the following types of products

  • Handmade jewelry & crafts
  • Arts & craft supplies
  • Handmade home decor
  • Vintage goods and antiques
  • Kids clothing, toys, and candy
  • Natural soaps and organic food products
  • And more with a few color adjustments

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Key Features

  • Responsive design so your store works across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Prominent search box to help visitors find products and help you see what products people are looking for that you may be missing from your inventory
  • Add prices to homepage carousel buttons
  • Email newsletter signup in footer to help you build an email list
  • Minimalistic checkout page to limit distractions and encourage checkout completions
  • Encourage visitors to share with social media buttons on product pages and Pinterest image buttons in the blog
  • “Sale” and “sold out” flag labels appear on product listings to help customers find deals and avoid frustration
  • You can easily change theme colors using the Style Editor to match your existing logo

Advanced Customizations

Supported Devices

This theme has been tested and approved for use on Chrome, Firefox, IE8+, Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Jewelry photography used by permission from HLcollection

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