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Are you new to responsive web development? Want to learn how to get started as a web developer?

During This Free 1 Hour Live Online Training, You Will Learn:

  • What responsive web design is and the benefits of using a frontend framework like Bootstrap 4.
  • What’s New in Bootstrap 4 and how it has improved over Bootstrap 3
  • The responsive development process, and software tools necessary to make a responsive website efficiently and with fewer bugs.

Who is this for?

For web development beginners who have never built a responsive website before. You have never built a website before or are new to responsive design basics.

Those who are learning web development fundamentals like HTML and CSS.

Jacob Lett - Digital Portfolio

Presented by: Jacob Lett

I am currently a web developer and do marketing and web design consulting on the side. I have 10+ years of experience and have worked at large agencies, in-house, and freelanced. My goal is to help make learning easier and be a resource if you have questions you need to be answered. LinkedIn

Detroit, Michigan
48038 United States
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