What are the BigCommerce Image Sizes in a Stencil Theme?

BigCommerce themes have different image sizes determined by the theme developer. However, there are some default image sizes that are common across themes. So the image sizes below are a good place to start. BigCommerce Carousel Image Size 1200 x 600 pixels Source BigCommerce Product Image Size 1028 x 1028 pixels, square ratio Source BigCommerce… Read more »

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How to Dynamically Set BigCommerce Title Tags

BigCommerce does not provide an easy way to make bulk title tag changes in their admin. However you can update your theme files to dynamically set the title tag based on the template being used. Below is what I have used with custom stores I have built. <title>{{#if template ‘==’ ‘pages/product’}}{{product.brand.name}} {{ head.title }}{{else if… Read more »

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