Blank Facebook Cover & Social Media Profile Templates



Blank Social Media Branding Templates

Save time branding the major social media profiles.

  • New Facebook business page mockup
  • Added Facebook Mobile mockup
  • Added Facebook event cover
  • Added Facebook group cover

Branding social media profiles can be a challenge. There are so many image dimensions and requirements. These templates save you time and the hassle of finding the current sizes and building the starter psd files.

By using smart objects you will be able to set your branding elements once and then cascade it across all major social media profiles. The colors and design can be easily adapted to fit your logo and brand.

Includes templates for the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube.





What you’ll get…

  • Facebook Templates
    • Thumbnail Icon
    • Page Cover – Updated 2016
    • Group Cover
    • Event Cover
    • Desktop mockup
    • Mobile mockup
  • Twitter cover template, Facebook icon template
  • Instagram profile and photo template
  • Google Plus cover template, Google plus icon template
  • LinkedIn cover template, LinkedIn icon templates
  • Pinterest pin template, Pinterest icon template
  • YouTube channel art, YouTube custom video thumbnail template
  • Social media image post share templates / 3 common sizes
    • 735 x 1102 – TALL – pinterest, Google Plus
    • 1280 x 720 – WIDE – Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
    • 900 x 900 – SQUARE – Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook