How Andrew Diaz Jumpstarted a Client Portal Re-write in Under a Week

“The training documents were great. They got me started quickly and I was able to jump into installing Bootstrap 4 and getting my website framework started.”
Andrew Diaz, Web Developer

Andrew had basic knowledge of HTML & CSS and needed to completely re-write a client portal front-end for an insurance software package. Bootstrap 4 seemed like a great way to build the site without having to learn all of the CSS and javascript it required.

As he began searching for training he noticed there was a LOT of information on Bootstrap but it was fragmented or out of date. He decided to purchase the Bootstrap 4 Quick Start Pro package because it was a cohesive set of materials that seemed to bring something a bit different to the table and reinforce each other.

In about a week (while busy with other projects), he was able to read through the book and jumpstart his client portal project using Bootstrap 4. The training provided the scope of what Bootstrap can do and what all of the pieces are. Andrew also continues to benefit from the guides, templates, and resources included in the package.


What Other Students are Saying


This course helped me see another perspective with Bootstrap. Your material provided a systematic, easy approach to new technologies. You showed how Bootstrap can first be used as a cookie cutter approach before you start getting crazy with special CSS manipulation. I love all that your material has provided and is a resource if I need to mobilize information quickly.”
Cory C. Bowles, frontend developer beginner


It is clear and well structured. A good start for Bootstrap 4 beginners.”
Uwe, webworker


A helpful primer in developing responsive layouts with Bootstrap 4.”
Dan Joseph, Software Engineer


The book uses metaphor’s throughout which helps make technical concepts clear and easier to understand.”
Max, Web Developer


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