What Will I Learn?

  • Test your knowledge on Bootstrap 4 and responsive design basics
  • Print a pdf digital certificate or add a digital badge to your website or LinkedIn profile
  • Quickly build a responsive digital portfolio using Bootstrap 4
  • Learn job search tips and ways to ace your interview


  • Experience with Bootstrap 3 and responsive design basics.
  • This training course will not require knowing Sass, command line, or Photoshop.
  • A computer with Google Chrome installed

Who This is For

You already know Bootstrap 4 and want a Certificate for your resumé CV or LinkedIn profile

Test how well you know Bootstrap 4 and add certification to your resume.

Does your resumé CV and online portfolio need an update?

Developer Job Search Guide and Portfolio Template

Developer Job Search Guide and Portfolio Template [pdf]

The job search guide provides tips to help you find a developer job and walks you through the sales process. The portfolio template is a great way for you to showcase your work experience and skills.

Bootstrap 4 Certificate of Completion Badge

Bootstrap 4 Certificate of Completion Badge [pdf/html]

Add a Bootstrap 4 Quick Start digital certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile or website. This will help you demonstrate your Bootstrap 4 knowledge to prospective employers.
See Badge Example

Are you ready for an interview?

I remember my interview for my first web development job. I was so nervous and thought they would quickly find out I didn't know very much. I didn't know what would be expected of me. What knowledge do they think I should have?

I want to help make your job search a little less stressful and give you a headstart in what to look for in an interview.

Let's build a responsive web together!
- Jacob Lett, your teacher

P.S. If you ever have any questions, you can call/text me directly at (586) 894-8024.


Certification Package

Get help in your developer job search

For developers who know Bootstrap 4

  • Add a digital certificate to your online portfolio or LinkedIn
  • Take the exam to see how well you know Bootstrap 4 and responsive design basics
  • Build an online portfolio

  • Bootstrap 4 Certification Exam certificate
  • Developer job search guide pdf
  • Developer portfolio template html
  • FREE Minor Version Updates
  • Access to Facebook Group

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