Aqueduct HubSpot Template Pack

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Aqueduct Landing Page and Email Pack

The Aqueduct Landing Page Pack is designed for simplicity and gives you the tools you need to generate leads for your business.


  • Saves you time because you can quickly customize the design without a developer
  • Designed to increase form conversions
  • Fully responsive and looks great on mobile
  • Includes landing pages to promote digital downloads, business services, product demos, and webinars or live events.
  • The pack also includes matching email templates to use in your follow up email workflows.
  • Pulls in your existing branding from your content settings. So you don’t need to manually update the template colors and fonts.
  • Created by a designer/developer/marketer who understands the challenges and opportunities of lead generation. I am available to help if you need it.

Buy now and save time creating professional lead campaigns.

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Accepted payments

accepted payments

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