The HubSpot SEO Tool does an excellent job of crawling and presenting a list of recommendations. Often, a developer must modify the theme or template code to fix the issues raised. Also, since this tool is automated you have to read these reports with some technical understanding because some of them can be ignored.

hubspot seo tools recommendations report

HubSpot’s SEO Tool recommendations fall into the following categories:

  • On-page SEO—These recommendations help search engine understand the content of your page
  • Mobile experience—These recommendations improve the user experience of how your website is used by someone on a mobile device.
  • Crawling and indexing—Very important recommendations because a search engine can’t rank what it can’t crawl and find.
  • Security—Reports issues relating to security
  • Performance—Issues that slow down your pages from loading. Improving these makes it easier for people to view your content without having to wait.
  • User experience—Recommendations on how pages could be improved to be easier to use and navigate.
  • Accessibility—Recommendations on how to improve pages for screen readers and visual impairments.

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The Process

  1. We have a meeting to discuss the recommendations and any other goals you might have
  2. I provide a proposal with options on how we could work together to fix the recommendations
  3. Next I would crawl your site again to set a benchmark for the before
  4. You would provide me access to your HubSpot account and I would make code adjustments
  5. Finally, I would re-crawl your site and report on the after improvements

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Fix HubSpot SEO Tool Recommendations

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