Get expert advice on how to improve your code or design

Sometimes it is hard to find answers and quick help. Especially when you are leveraging online forums or Facebook groups. Sometimes you just need some expert advice to get unstuck or verify you are on the right track.

Email me the details of what you are trying to accomplish or need help with, and I will reply with a cost estimate for me to work with you directly.

Some things I could help you with

  • Code review – I can help you fix bugs or to offer advice on how to improve your code
  • Design critique and review – I will over suggestions on how you can improve the UI and UX
  • Portfolio and resume review – I will offer suggestions on how to make your work stand out and be more professional
  • Business marketing strategy – I can help you generate more (traffic, leads, and sales) to your website or application and help you with tracking conversions with Google Analytics. I have experience with Shopify, WordPress, Analytics, Mailchimp, content marketing, and Adwords and Facebook advertising.

The process

Contact me with your specific requirements and I will provide you a proposal. Once the proposal is approved you will then send me your code files or links to review your design.

I will then provide you a pdf report with detailed advice and suggested improvements.

Depending on your situation, we could either meet via Skype or just communicate by email. With Skype we could share our screens if necessary.