Google Helpful Content Update, New Keyword Wrapper Tool, Code for Marketers | 3 Things – March, 2024

Google Helpful Content Update, New Keyword Wrapper Tool, Code for Marketers | 3 Things – March, 2024

1. Google SEO Updates

Google officially released INP for their core web vitals report in Google Search Console. Optimizing INP (interaction to next paint) should be prioritized by not being obsessed over it because it does not guarantee improvement in rankings. However, it does improve your customers’ user experience when viewing your website because nobody likes a slow-loading site. I also came across these two great resources to make it easier to understand the Helpful Content Core Update and how to improve your search traffic. My key takeaway from the Helpful Content update is to be very careful with SEO advice you might find in articles that are very tactical. The helpful content core update undid a lof of the advice I remember hearing. A popular recommendation last year was to optimize page titles to increase CTR. This seems to have been undone by the recent update.

2. New PPC Tool and HubSpot Module

When creating and maintaining Google Ad campaigns, I frequently need to wrap a list of keywords for phrase or exact match. The ones I found online were littered with ads, so I created my own clean and simple tool. You can check it out here.

I also released a new responsive image module that creates an HTML picture element. This module allows you to control how an image looks on mobile, tablet, and desktop. This can be helpful when you have logos or text baked into an image and you need to make it readable on smaller screen sizes. Install it and give it a try.

3. Are you a marketer who can’t code? Or dislike it with a passion?

I can relate. My web development career started with the Dreamweaver WYSIWYG tab. I would never venture to the code tab because it looked like a foreign language. But one day, I realized that if I am creating for the web, I need to understand how the web works. The HubSpot developer blog recently published an article that discusses the basics of HTML and CSS and the places you might encounter code inside HubSpot. Read the article.

Something to Consider

“Yes! Google Search does use Core Web Vitals for Search. However … it’s not worth over-focusing on tweaking the scores just for SEO… If you want to spend that time to reach those last points, know that your site‘s SEO generally won’t change because of that.”
– John Mueller, Senior Search Analyst at Google

Written by: Jake Lett
I share digital marketing tips and HubSpot tutorials to help marketers and business owners grow their business.

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