Which framework is better, W3.CSS or Bootstrap?

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Both of these are essentially style guides. A way of doing things.

I recommend Bootstrap because of the following points.

  • The large number of websites currently using it
  • The large number of contributors and bug testers on the open source project
  • Being more marketable for jobs because more teams use it and you don’t have to relearn a new style guide

Ideally, you would use Bootstrap Sass as a starting point that you then adapt to your project creating your new style guide based on Bootstrap.

If you are new to Bootstrap I have a classes reference table to quickly learn its capabilities for your projects.

If you are doing this as a hobby it does not matter and comes down to preference.

Written by: Jacob Lett - Jacob started BootstrapCreative to help others learn web design and development. He has built websites for 10+ years for companies and as a freelancer. He enjoys learning and encouraging others to improve their skills.
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