The SEO Problem Most Small Business Websites Face

Most businesses have brochure style websites with 5-10 pages that are not optimized for important keywords. Potential customers are going to Google with problems and questions you can help answer. If your competitor is listed before your business and helps them first, they earn their trust and most likely their business.

This is the challenge every business faces marketing themselves on Google. It is very competitive because everyone wants to rank in the #1 spot and Google wants to show the best results for each search query.

How SEO and Content Marketing Can Help


1. Be found locally

There are multiple ways someone could try and find the services or products you provide. They could do a search on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Google Maps, ask Siri or Google, or use their car navigation system. It is important to have consistent business listing information in all of these business directories.

2. Be ready to answer buyer questions

Another way you can be found is to have a blog that consistently writes content answering common questions your potential and current customers have. If you are able to adequately answer their questions you will begin to build their trust and demonstrate your expertise and ability to help them. In addition, this will help you become more competitive because you will have more pages that could rank for keywords your customers are searching for and your competition is not.

3. Have a nice user experience

Let us say you and a competitor have similar articles answering top question buyers have. The prospect visits both articles but noticed yours loaded quickly and was easy to read on their phone. Who do you think would build more trust and credibility based solely on the web design and user experience of the page?