What is the Average Google Click Through Rate by SERP Position?

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What is the Average Google Click Through Rate by SERP Position?

Are you looking for ways to increase organic search traffic to your website? One thing to consider optimizing is your search engine results page snippets. Below is an example snippet with the page title, URL, and meta description.


SERP Position CTR
1 28.50%
2 15.70%
3 11%
4 8%
5 7.20%
6 5.10%
7 4%
8 3.20%
9 2.80%
10 2.50%


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What does CTR mean?

CTR is an acronymn for click through rate. It is the number of times your page has been listed in the search engine results divided by the number of clicks. If your impressions stay the same and the number of clicks increases, you will have a higher CTR.

How to increase CTR and organic search impressions?

You can increase CTR by increasing the number of times people click on your page snippet. You can do this by improving the wording in your title and description.

In order to increase impressions, you will need to increase the quantity of words and phrases your page is ranked for. This is often improved by adding more text content to your page.

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